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Step 2 Sort Out What You Need To Organise

Freya Crooke May 30, 2021

1 . What Is Top Priority?

– What is most important for you to do? – What do the other people who bullet journal say is important? – Make a list of all this then see what actually can be achieved

2 . What Is Wanted But Not Needed?

– What do you want included (this can mean design)? – Is that doable or will it make this more complicated? – What is the compromise?

3 . What is Useful?

– What do you use/do daily? – What would you like to use/do daily? – What might be a good idea to include

4 . What Is Too Much?

– What’s the limit to the madness? – How many things are too many? – What can you realistically achieve without sucking the fun out of this?