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Step 4 Gather The Supplies You Need

Freya Crooke May 30, 2021

1 . Where To Look?

– What are the usual research places you go to? – Create a list/make a folder of your inspiration – Ask around for good websites, books and influencers

2 . Starter Supplies

– What do you have to use? – What do the other people use? Check if they list their supplies – Suggestions; a bullet journal, ruler, pens, colours or markers

3 . How To Make Do

– Compare what you have and what other people use – Modify your plan to use your own tools and don’t worry about not having the exact same supplies – Try see if you have anything similar to what others use

4 . What Isn’t Needed Right Now?

– What do you not need to put in the journal? – You don’t need all the expensive supplies and massive journal – What also isn’t needed is a defeatist attitude or too much comparison