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Step 6 Follow Your Guide: Fill In The Days And Adhere To Your plan

Freya Crooke May 30, 2021

1 . Fill Out One Day And Then The Next Day..

– Just take it one day at a time – Make it as fun as possible! (if that helps) – Make any adjustments if needed and don’t worry about mistakes

2 . Try Have A Routine

– Get into the routine – Tips: maybe try pick a time to fill it in every day? – Just don’t worry and see what works, if you skip a day then so what?

3 . Did One Week Work?

– How did you find this trial period? – Write down the pros and cons – See what you need to do to make this better

4 . Commit To The Month

– Once you have a fair idea what you’re doing, keep going – It will get easier and you’ll be used to this type of journaling soon – Don’t worry