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Find out more about Final Academy, the home of online courses created through MakeThatCourse.com


FinalAcademy.com is a home for all the courses created by students in MakeThatCourse. Students can apply to become an instructor by clicking on "BECOME AN INSTRUCTOR". They then fill out a series of forms about themselves and their course and submit their course for review. The courses will be reviewed by experts from FinalAcademy and will be published if appropriate. 


FinalAcademy.com is brought to you by Wise Educate Limited (https://wiseeducate.com), led by Steve O'Connor & Trevor Murphy, teachers and educational directors behind MakeThatCourse.com, CyberSchool.ie & PrimaryComputing.ie


FinalAcademy.com was set up in August 2020 as an online course platform specifically designed for students of MakeThatCourse.com - the platform is currently undergoing development work and will be releasing an app in early 2021!


To enroll in any of the courses in FinalAcademy.com, simply click on the enroll now button beside the course in question and follow the steps. If you have an active Facebook account, you can sign up as a student through our Facebook integration. If the course you wish to enroll in is not free, you can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal


Please suppoort the students of MakeThatCourse by enrolling in their courses and leaving positive feedback. Please remember to be respectful at all times to the course creators and if you want to leav any feedback for the leadership team, please click on the contact page. 


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